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We can ship anywhere in Canada!

First Option - Shipping Across Canada:

1. Choose your vinyl planks at any chain store as Home Depot, Lowes/Rona, Costco.

2. Contact us for the address, provide your vinyl nosings measurements and getan estimated cost from us.

3. Prepay 50% amount of your order and send us your material.

4. Once your material is received by us, we get an email from us.

5. Once your nosings are ready we email you an invoice with the balance.

6. Once the balance payment is received, we ship your order to address provided by you. 

Second Option - Edmonton Location: 

1. Contact us to order your nosing. 

2.Prepay 50% amount of your order. 

3. Drop of your material at the address provided. Your material can be picked up at your location for an additional charge.

4. We contact you with an invoice once your order is ready.

5. When the balance payment is received, we send you a confirmation ans  you can pick up your order at the same location you dropped off the material at a date/time scheduled/agreed. 

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