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Our Prices

Our Online Store Pricing Policies:

We offer the best possible prices for our vinyl nosings available online. Our prices encompass the cost of materials, which varies based on the price of the vinyl plank flooring product, as well as the labor cost of creating a nosing. We are confident that our prices and quality are unmatched in the Canadian market. Visit our online store to start shopping!

Our Custom Orders Pricing: 


If you have vinyl plank flooring and would want custom vinyl stair nosings made of your material, you can send it to us or drop it off in Edmonton, Alberta. We'll make the nosings using your material.

Important: Please contact us first to ensure compatibility. Otherwise, we may have to refuse your shipment or drop-off.

Manufacturing price for regular custom vinyl stair nosings made from your material start at $10 per linear foot.* The final price depends on factors like the quality of your vinyl planks flooring and quantity of nosings ordered. Give us a call for an estimate!

Additional costs include delivery fee or you have an option to pick up your order at our Edmonton location for free.

Discounts may be available for flooring stores and contractors. Contact us for more information.

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